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NFL Players Union Launch Investigation Of Los Angeles Chargers After QB Tyrod Taylor Injury

On Wednesday, the NFL players union said it has launched an investigation into the Los Angeles Chargers’ handling of an injury to veteran quarterback Tyrod Taylor. The Chargers said the 31-year-old Taylor had difficulty breathing before their game Sunday, and was transported to a hospital, missing his Week 2 start against the Kansas City Chiefs. Rookie quarterback Justin Herbert started in place of Taylor. 

On Sunday, Chargers coach Anthony Lynn said he did not know how serious Taylor’s injury was, and he team said Taylor had a chest injury and was experiencing “pains” in that area. By Monday, Lynn said Taylor was home and “doing well.”  However sources say that Taylor had an “adverse reaction” after he received a painkiller injection to address a rib injury. Additional details about the injury Wednesday say that Taylor had a lung punctured during the injection.

The Chargers will host the Carolina Panthers at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif on Sunday.

Chargers doctor punctured QB Tyrod Taylor’s lung with pain-killing injection


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